Work Skills

Joblink Plus Training offers unaccredited courses and programs to help you move into employment or further training. Our Work Skills courses are designed to give you the skills which employers are after when hiring new staff. We have courses which teach you basic skills in specific areas such as computers. We also have a Work Ready Program which is designed specifically for job seekers to develop soft skills such as resume writing, interview practice, communication skills, and self-confidence building techniques. 

Work Ready Program

Our Work Ready Program is an engaging and exciting way to develop new skills in a group environment which is welcoming. Activities and experiences may include some of the following:

 The Work Ready Program is a fun place to learn new skills in a welcoming environment which is not like your normal classroom.

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Non-accredited training options

 Joblink Plus Training can deliver a wide range of non-accredited courses tailored to address; specific business issues, areas for improvement, enhance knowledge of industry best practice strategies, or simply to suit the needs or wants of your employees.

The possibilities are endless, here's how it works: